Migraines Condition

Treatment for migraines uses gentle manipulation techniques to correct strains that cause tension in tissues, helping to alleviate acute pain, weakness, and other migraine-related symptoms.


Migraines Treatment in New York City

Treatment for migraines includes safe osteopathic manipulation techniques that address the root cause of tension, helping to reduce acute pain, numbness, weakness, and other migraine symptoms.

What are Migraines?

Migraines are severe headaches typified by throbbing or pulsing pain that can last for several hours or days. Migraine pain can also be accompanied by symptoms like nausea, and hypersensitivity to sound and light. According to some estimates, as many as 36 million Americans suffer from this condition. It remains one of the most underdiagnosed forms of head pan and is often mistaken for tension headaches.

Migraine symptoms can appear suddenly or be preceded by aura symptoms. Those aura symptoms include nervous system warning signs such as a loss of vision, tingling sensations in the arms or legs, difficulty with speech, weakness or visual and auditory hallucinations. Migraine pain and accompanying symptoms can be debilitating for the patients who suffer them. Fortunately, these headaches can respond well to osteopathic care, reducing pain severity and frequency of attacks.

What Causes this Condition?

Doctors are not certain why migraine headaches occur, but evidence suggests that brain changes and genetic factors play a role. For patients who are susceptible to these headaches, many factors can trigger an attack, including:

  • Overexertion from physical activity
  • Changes in the weather, particularly barometric pressure
  • Certain processed foods
  • Fasting or skipping meals
  • Bright lights and loud sounds
  • Stress
  • Hormonal changes, particularly in women
  • Certain medications
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Alcohol and caffeinated drinks

Migraine attacks can start at any time of life. However, many people experience their first attack during their adolescent years. In addition, women are about three times as likely as men to suffer from this condition. Attacks generally reach their zenith in a patient’s thirties, and most see a decline in incidents as they grow older.

What Are the Symptoms of Migraines?

Migraine pain is characterized by a number of symptoms, any or all of which may be present during any given attack. They include:

  • Gradually worsening head pain
  • Hypersensitivity to sounds, certain odors, and bright lights
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Feeling overly cold or warm
  • Nausea, stomach pain, and vomiting
  • Paler than usual skin
  • Blurry or impaired vision
  • Loss of appetite

In addition, patients who suffer from migraine with aura, the classic form of the condition, will have symptoms that can serve as a warning that an attack is underway. Those symptoms include visual phenomenon like blind spots, bright flashing lights, or loss of vision. Ringing in the ears, changes to the sense of smell, and tactile changes may also be experienced.

How We Can Help

As terrible as migraine symptoms can be, there is good news: osteopathic care can help. Leonid Tafler, D.O. has the experience needed to successfully treat migraine sufferers, helping them to reduce pain, limit attack frequency, and improve their overall quality of life. Using osteopathic techniques, educational resources, and recommended changes to lifestyle, Dr. Tafler can help you to more effectively manage your migraine condition.


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Migraines Treatment Reviews

Margaret Sowa
Margaret Sowa
Hotel General Manager Brooklyn, NY

Through the years, every one treated by Dr. Tafler has had very positive and lasting results. I can't thank him enough for myself, my mom and for every dear person to my heart I sent to him. 🙂 Thank you Doctor! Words can't express what you've done and how many lives have changed. God bless you.

Boris Talis
Boris Talis
Four-time champion of the world in Sambo Combat. Black belt 6th Degree

I am a whole hardheartedly grateful to Dr.Tafler for this timely help in recovering the moving function of my shoulder joint. This helped me a win a gold medal and become the Champion of the world in Sambo combat in Greece 2012. I always tell my collegues and student to turn to the excellent and kind Dr. Leonid Tafler in case of any accident or injury.


Dr. Tafler started working with me though acupuncture, back adjustments and immediately I saw the progress and my pain was less and less with every visit to the doctor. I avoided a surgery thanks to Dr Tafler. I started to enjoy my life again. I am so thankful to the doctor, and have been recommending Dr Tafler to all my friends and coworkers who have back problems and other pains.

Thomas Rayder

Dr. Tafler recommended the OMT under anesthesia procedure. The procedure was performed and alleviated my pain immediately. I avoided surgery and have not had problems with my neck in 7 years now! I am so thankful to Dr. Tafler, the OMT under anesthesia procedure helped me so much!

Elizabeth Blend

Dr. Tafler took me in for a weekend to receive manipulation under anesthesia. Two weeks later I was able to walk without pain. I have been pain free since that moment until today, many years after initial treatment. Without his treatment I do not know if I would have been able to walk at all.

Hugo Barriga

Doctor Tafler, was my savior and there is not doubt he give me my back life; this OMT under anesthesia definitely recommend to everyone, this improve my back and relief a chronic pain. Try this before any aggressive treatment, this was over 5 years ago and I feel splendidly.


Two weeks ago I came to his office. He is a very nice and very pleasant man. I told him about a terrible pain in my back. He gave me two injections and I was able to walk a lot better. I felt myself at my twenties. When I went for the second treatment under anesthesia, I was running up the stairs at my church. All my friends got very happy for me. So, I believe, this man is a hero! If not him, I would not be able to walk!